• I am going to present our collective effort on prominence perception in a paper in Phonetics and Phonology in Europe 2017, 12-14 June 2017 in Cologne, Germany.
  • About me

    Hello! This is Yang. I am a PhD candidate at DTAL, University of Cambridge, funded by an External Research Studentship from Trinity College, Cambridge. My PhD research centres on tone sandhi, i.e. categorical tonal alternation in connected speech, in Fuzhou Min Chinese. I investigate the variability of Fuzhou tone sandhi along acoustic, productivity and social dimensions.

    I am supervised by Prof. Francis Nolan. My advisors (equiv. to US committee members) are Dr Brechtje Post and Dr Bert Vaux.

    I have additional interests in cross-linguistic prosody, variation and change in Mandarin dialects, variaties of English, and statistical inference. See Research for details of my PhD and collaborative projects. See Papers for outputs stemming from these interests. See Scripts & Stats for Praat scripts and stats tips.

    Previously, I was an MPhil student at Cambridge and did a BA English Language at Manchester, where I was taught by Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Dr Laurel MacKenzie and Dr Wendell Kimper, among others.

    Follow me on Twitter, ResearchGate,, or Google Scholar.

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