2016-present University of Cambridge — Trinity Hall — PhD
2013-2016 University of Cambridge — Trinity Hall — Natural Sciences
2016 Part II Half Physics with Cell & Developmental Biology Class I
2015 Part IB Biochemistry, Mathematics and Physics A Class I
2014 Part IA Biology of Cells, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics Class I
2011-2013 The College of Richard Collyer
2013 A levels Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Physics A*
EPQ On the development of affordable space travel A
2012 STEP STEP Mathematics I 1
A level Mathematics A*
AS Chemistry, Physics, History A
2006-2011 The Forest School
2011 AS Mathematics A
GCSEs Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature,
French, Spanish, Latin, Geography, RE, Product Design
2010 FSMQ Mathematics A
GCSE Mathematics A*
2009 GCSE Statistics A*

Work Experience

Jul-Sep 2015 Software Engineer, iGEM, Cambridge
Participated in the 2015 Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team under Prof Jim Haseloff. This year saw the introduction of the Hardware Track in which we developed an open-source programmable 3D-printable microscope. Worked to develop abstraction layers to integrate microscope into a variety of hardware contexts, including an XY translation stage, and to facilitate automation. Also focused on stitching and geometry algorithms to implement the backend of a seamless panning interface. Headed Arduino workshop during outreach day to teach sixth form students C++. The team won a gold medal and received four nominations.
Jun-Oct 2013 Freelance Programmer
Provided freelance programming help to algorithmic cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. This mainly involved writing interfaces to the MtGox exchange API in various languages, including Java, Objective-C and VBA.NET. One client, as a result of my Objective-C work, offered a job in New York as a mobile app developer.
Oct 2010-Jul 2013 Web Designer, Missing Asset Services Worldwide, West Sussex
Designed the company website with a consistent layout and a PHP backend. Was also tasked with maintenance and updates. Subsequently rebuilt the backend on top of a custom content management system with a bespoke WYSIWYG editor, and trained key staff in its use.
Aug-Sep 2010 Private Client, Horsham
Designed and produced anniversary invitations to a high quality using Adobe Photoshop. Had regular meetings with the client to ensure the design matched the specifications.
Jul 2010 Research Assistant, UCL/Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Surrey
Worked with the head of Detector Physics in the Charged Coupled Device section. Mainly assisted in the calibration of an infrared weather camera by designing a custom IR LED apparatus to provide reference points which were then used to create a projection map using a computational model written in IDL. Also prepared some space-based optical lenses.


Sep 2015 iGEM Jamboree, Boston
As part of the 2015 Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team, attended the Jamboree in Boston where we presented our project as both a poster and talk. Over 250 teams attended to present a range of fascinating projects across the various tracks.
Aug 2015 Cambridge Delegate to the World Science Conference, Israel
Undergraduates from around the world invited to attend lectures and seminars by 16 Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists, and to discuss future research interests.


Programming Twelve years of experience in a variety of languages across several paradigms. Some previous projects include:
  • A neural network library, written with a friend in C++ with python bindings. Researched NN theory, matrix algorithms, and minimisation algorithms (particularly the Levenberg-Marquadt algorithm).
  • An electric field simulator, written in Objective-C. Its GUI allowed 1D and 2D field strength plots to be generated from any cross-section.
  • A computer algebra system, including basic linear algebra support. Written in Scheme and rewritten in C.
  • A tiled window manager, written in C++, for my custom Arch build.
Other languages I have used recently include Rust and Mathematica.
IT skills Proficient in UNIX-based systems (Linux, Mac OS X), as well as Windows. Competent user of \(\LaTeX\), Microsoft Office, and the linux shell (zsh). Familiar with Mathematica, Git and Vim.
Languages GCSE French and Introductory Esperanto.

Activities and Interests

Oct 2015-present Webmaster, Cambridge University Synthetic Biology Society
Co-founded society to foster interest in synthetic biology and organise relevant events, as well as act as a platform to continue the iGEM OpenScope project.
May 2015-present Junior Treasurer, Puzzlehunt Committee member, Head of Programming Workshops, Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society
In charge of the accounts for the society, including reimbursing members for expenses and keeping detailed records. Ran introductory programming workshops in which we taught Python. Also a member of the committee for the annual 24-hour puzzlehunt; mainly designed puzzles including the promotional puzzle, and created the backstory.
Enjoy casual tennis, running and cycling, as well as cooking.
Enjoy reading, especially Roger Penrose and fiction (eg Harry Potter).

Awards and Scholarships

2015 Trinity Hall Scholarship
For attaining a first class result in my second year exams
Gregson & Benn and Ernest & Carmen Frankl Travel Grant
Awarded to help me attend the WSCI-2015 conference
2014 Trinity Hall Scholarship
For attaining a first class result in my first year exams
2013 Mercer's School Memorial Prize (Merrett Bequest)
Awarded for outstanding academic achievements during sixth form
Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Gold
2012 Duke of Edinburgh Award, Silver
UKMT FMSP Senior Teams Maths Challenge, Second Place, Regional Final
UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, Gold
Nov 2011 Emcel Maths Prize


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