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My official page is in the people section of the ceb server. This is the home of the hog blog, family history and other non-University things.

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I am currently a Computer Officer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge.

The IT section of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology consists of Jim Thompson, Jon Cowper and Vanessa Blake (Computer Officers). Amongst other things, I am webmaster for the web site and I look after DS access and Camtools.
More information about our computer network.

I was previously a Research Associate on the Interact Project in the department of Engineering and I worked on TLTP projects in the Department of Archaeology. These projects were also at the University of Cambridge.

Before that, I had a variety of jobs, mostly to do with computers. The photograph shows me during a photogrammetric survey of a plant. (That's me on the left). We took photographs at accurately surveyed points at metre intervals all around the walls. Using those photographs, it is then possible to derive dimensions and positions of all the pipework and other equipment.

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