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tim button

I am a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, and a Fellow of St John’s College, at the University of Cambridge. From September 2019 I will be a Lecturer at UCL.

I mostly work on logic, mathematics, language, and metanphysics (for n > 0). Here are about what I do.

I care about two big questions:

(1) How do words get to say what they say?

(2) How do words even get to say anything at all?

Sometimes I ask these questions about normal words, like ‘dog’, or ‘table’, or whatever. Sometimes I ask the same questions about less normal words, like ‘number’, or ‘real number’, or ‘power set’. Either way, the questions are really hard. To deal with them, I can’t just think about the words, or what they’re meant to be about; I also have to think about what we are like. So I also have to ask:

(3) What is the self?

And that’s another huge, weird question.

[Made using the ten hundred most used words.]

Sean Walsh and I published Philosophy and Model Theory in 2018. I published The Limits of Realism in 2013. Most of my current research is on solipsism and the self in the period 1926–69. I have also been thinking about theoretical equivalence, and the universal set.

Here’s a short CV. I have profiles on SocArXiv, arXiv, PhilPapers, and academia.edu, but everything on those sites is also here. You can email me at tecb2 at cam dot ac dot uk. It turns out I’m Isaac Newton’s Doktorur15enkel, and Galileo Galilei’s Doktorur18enkel.

Last modified 22 May 2019