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 Dora Alexopoulou

Photo of Dora Alexopoulou Principal Research Associate at DTAL and Fellow in Linguistics at Murray Edwards College.

PI of the EF Education First Research Lab for Applied Language Learning.

One of the people who set up and run the Cambridge Bilingualism Network and Editor of Languages, Society and Policy.

Help us promote language qualifications for multilingual pupils and share the short film Your Languages, Your Future with your local school and community!

Research: Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Language Learning

I study linguistic structures to understand the language principles and features we use to put words together into meaningful sentences (linguistic structures) and how people learn these language principles and features. I focus on second language learning, trying to understand why mastering a second language is a challenge in comparison to the effortless acquisition of a mother tongue.

Research topics

  • Second Language Acquisition
    • L2 English
    • L1 effects and constraints on L2 grammars
    • Linguistic complexity in learner grammar development
    • L2 acquisition of Information Structure
    • Linguistic and computational models of L2 acquisition
    • Learner corpora
  • Natural language syntax and its interfaces with phonology, interpretation and processing
    • Long distance dependencies
      (questions, relative clauses, topicalisation, focus movement, clitic left dislocation, broad subjects)
    • Resumption
    • Locality and islands
    • Focus and topic strategies
    • Bare nouns and the syntax of nominals
    • Greek, Romance, Semitic
  • Linguistic theory and gradience
  • Experimental Syntax