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Eating at other Cambridge colleges

Students and visitors at Cambridge University can sometimes use the canteen of a college or department other than their own, but the various policies are rarely on public display (let alone online), so I'm posting this data from personal experience in the hope that it's useful. Rules might have changed since I last checked.

College members typically have an internal identification card; others pay in cash (bank cards not accepted unless noted below) and can expect to be charged more.

College or departmentWord used for canteenDirections from entranceOpening timesSurcharge for non-membersTypical non-member meal priceLast checked
CaiusHallCollege card required2015-10-30
St Catherine'sHallDiagonally opposite lodge12-1:30, 6-6:3044% (20%+VAT)£52015-08-30
Cavendish LaboratoryCanteenBragg building, turn left12:30-1:45 weekdaysn/a£5-82016-02-02
Christ'sUpper Hall2nd court immediate rightCollege members only2015-10-30
ChurchillDining HallAhead and up stairs to left12:15-1:45, 5:45-7:15Varies (both prices displayed)£52015-10-26
ClareButteryRight, up steps and down stairs12:30-1:30, 6:15-7:15 (Mon-Sat termtime)50%?2015-10-23
Clare HallCollege members only (cash not accepted)2015-10-23
CorpusHallFar left corner, up steps behind doorCollege members and their guests only2015-10-11
DarwinServeryRight and up stairs12-2 Mon-Fri; 6-7:30 Mon-Thu, 5:30-7 Fri, 8:30-2 weekends (no evening meal at weekends)30% (and bank cards accepted) but you still have to be with a Darwin member£4-52017-10
DowningServeryThird building on left, far end12:30-1:30 (earlier at weekends), 6-6:4550%£62015-10-05
St Edmund'sDining Hallright-hand side entrance and turn right12:30-1:30 not Sat, 6:30-7:45 Mon-Fri when not Formal Hallnot checked yet
EmmanuelHallLeft and first door on the rightCollege members only2015-10-12
FitzwilliamButtery served in Hallthrough lodge, path to left (through P), building ahead12-1:30, 6-7 (12-1 & 6-6:30 outside term)?£4-52017-10-22
GirtonCafeteriaacross court to right & turn left inside12:30-1:30 Mon-Fri onlynot checked yet
HomertonGreat Hallthrough 1st building, right, left12-1:45 (1:30 weekends), 5:30-7:30 (6:30 Tue)not checked yet
Hughes HallDining HallCollege card required2015
JesusCafeteriaCollege cards only2015-10-16
St John'sButterySecond court far-left corner12-1:45 (1:30 weekends), 6-7:30Current college members only
King'sServeryIn door to left, turn right12:15-1:30, 6-7:30 (7 outside term)College members and their guests only2015-10-07
Lucy CavendishDining HallWarburton Hallnot checked yet
MagdaleneCafeteriaRamsay Hall. Card reader at entrance allows only College members.2015
Murray Edwards (New Hall)DomePass slope, left, right, up12:30-1:30 (not Sat), 6-7:15 (not Tue/Sat), termtimes10%£5.502015-11-04
NewnhamButteryRight-hand corridor and keep going12:30-1:45, 6:30-7:30£1.60/person£4.702015-11-02
PembrokeButteryFirst left11:45-1:30 (1:15 weekends), 5:45-6:4535%£5.502015-09-06
PeterhouseHall/ServeryThrough arch & 2nd left12:30-1:30 (not Sundays), 6-756% (30%+VAT); non-members allowed only in term time£62015-11-14
Queens'CafeteriaBack entrance, turn left, protruding doors12:30-1:30 (2pm on termtime weekdays), 6-7£1.45/person (unless buying less than 1.45 or being a 4th person in a group)£4-£5.50 (see Menu)2016-10
RobinsonGarden RestaurantRight, past cafe/bar, enter on right at end of alley and downstairsMon-Fri 12:20-1:40 & 6-7:15; Sat 12-1:30, Sun 12:30-1:30 (no evening meal at weekends)Varies (both prices displayed); bank cards accepted£5.50-£6 (see Menu)2016-05-12
SelwynHallStone steps on the right12:30-1:30, 6-7 (Saturday 12:45-1:30, Sunday 11:30-12:30)Cash prices as marked (discount for Selwyn students)£4.50-£52015-10-09
Sidney SussexHallLeft and on the right-hand side of the courtCollege members and their guests only2015-10-07
TrinityButteryCurrent college members only (with up to 2 guests per member)2015
Trinity HallCafeteriaCollege members only (cash not accepted)2015-10-23
University CentreMain Dining HallSecond floor12:15-2, 6-8 (weekends lunch only)n/a (but graduates only)£6-£7+ (bank cards accepted)2016
WolfsonCafeteriabuilding ahead, upstairs12:30-2:15 (1:30 Sat), 6-7:30card required2015-11
Wolfson Court (by CMS)CafeteriaLeft12-1:30 (Sat 1230-, Sun -1), 6-7 (not Sat)??2015

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