24.120 Moral Psychology

This is the web page for course 24.120 Moral Psychology given by Richard Holton at MIT, Spring Semester 2013. The class will take place on Monday and Wednesday, 11.00 - 12.30, in 56.154.

Richard Holton’s office hours are by appointment. Email him: holton@mit.edu

The TA for this course is Cole Leahy. Email: coleleahy@gmail.com Coles’s office hours are to be determined.

This is a CI-M course. To fulfill the CI requirements, part of each Wednesday class will consist of student presentations on preassigned texts [Groups].

Assessment will be by means of three short papers (5-7 pages; 30% each) and the class presentation (10% each). At least one paper (normally the first) will be revised and resubmitted. Presentation groups

Assignment One (due March 4th)
Assignment Two (due April 8th)
Assignment Three (due May 13th; note later date in light of recent events)

Readings marked with an asterisk are essential.

Egoism, Altruism and Cooperation

Monday February 11th Egoism I [Handout 1]

Wednesday February 13th Egoism II[Handout 2]

Tuesday February 19th Cooperation[Handout 3]

Mental States: Emotions, Desires, Beliefs, Intentions

Wednesday February 20th Emotions[Handout 4]

Monday February 25th Intentions[Handout 5]

Akrasia, Weakness of Will, Self-Control

Monday March 4th [Handout 6]

Wednesday March 6th [Handout 7]

Monday March 11th [Handout 8]


Wednesday March 13th [Handout 9]

Monday March 18th [Handout 10]

Wednesday March 20th No Class

Mid term Break

Free Will

Monday April 1st [Handout 11]

Wednesday April 3rd [Handout 12]

Monday April 8th [Handout 13]

Wednesday April 10th [Handout 14]

Monday April 15th No Class – Patriot’s Day

Wednesday April 17th [Handout 15]

Self-Knowledge and Self-Deception

Monday April 21st [Handout 16]

Wednesday April 24th No Class; Memorial service for Sean Collier

Monday April 29th (Hand out as for previous week)

Moral Psychology

Wednesday May 1st [Handout 17]

Monday May 6th [Handout 18]

Wednesday May 8th [Handout 19]

Monday May 13th [Handout 20]

Wednesday May 15th [Handout 21]John Doris ‘Persons, Situations and Virtue Ethics’, Nous 32 (1998)

Last updated May 2nd 2013