Resources on the Homeric Hymns


Annotated Bibliography on Homeric Hymns generally (in progress)

Annotated Bibliography on the Homeric Hymn to Hermes (in progress)


Online editions:

            Mine of H. Herm. (in progress)

            H. G. Evelyn-White, The Homeric Hymns and Homerica with an English Translation, Harvard University Press (Cambridge, MA), 1914. (The old Loeb edition: at Perseus; also available with useful tags at the Chicago Homer site)

            T. W. Allen, W.R. Halliday, & E.E. Sikes, The Homeric hymns2, Clarendon (Oxford), 1936. (At TLG, so restricted access)


Online translations:

            H. G. Evelyn-White (as above; also available at several other sites, e.g. here)

            D. Hine (at Chicago Homer)

            L. Hyde (opens as a Word document)

            A. Lang (Project Gutenberg)


Online commentary:

            T. W. Allen & E. E. Sikes, The Homeric Hymns, edited, with preface, apparatus criticus, notes, and appendices, Macmillan (London), 1904. (At Perseus)


App. Crit. of H. Herm. coming more distantly


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