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Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
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Please check my Academia.edu profile for versions of the below, where possible.


forthcoming. 'Language revitalization, race and resistance in Creole Louisiana'. In: A. Jolivette, R. Prud'homme-Cranford, C. M. Dunn, & D. Barthe (Eds.), Louisiana Creole Peoplehood: Tracing Post-Contact Afro-Indigeneity and Community. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
with Li Nguyen. in preparation. 'Community norms in code-switching research'.


2019. Rethinking decreolization: Language contact and change in Louisiana Creole. PhD thesis. University of Cambridge, UK.
2015. New Speaker Language: The morphosyntax of new speakers of endangered languages. MPhil thesis. University of Cambridge, UK.
2014. Writing Louisiana Creole. BA thesis. SOAS, University of London, UK.

Conference papers

2019. The Language Hoax: How a constructed language fooled linguists (well, for a while, anyway). Eighth Language Creation Conference. Anglia Ruskin University, UK.
2019. Rivitalizzazione linguistica 'online': La creazione di neologismi e curricula per la lingua creola della Luisiana / Social media for language revitalization: Neologism creation and curriculum development for Louisiana Creole. COLING Field School 'Lingue Fantastiche e Dove Trovarle/Fantastic Languages and Where to Find Them'. Bova (Chòra tu Vùa), Italy.
2018. Beyond decreolization: Contact, change and endangerment in creole languages. Zurich Conference on Colonial and Postcolonial Language Studies. University of Zurich, Switzerland.
2018. Regional variation in Lousiana Creole: Colonialism, slavery and migration. Language and Borders. University of Bristol, UK.
2017. Agreement in Louisiana Creole: Quantitative sociolinguistics in a diachronic corpus. Language Sciences Symposium. University of Cambridge, UK.
2015. The Louisiana Creole language at a crossroads. 7th Annual Louisiana Studies Conference. Northwestern State University, Louisiana, USA.
2014. Doing a Virtual Ethnography in an Online Language Revitalisation Community. Approaches to Identity in Language. Anglia Ruskin University, UK.
2013. Learners of Louisiana Creole: Language and identity. ULAB 2013. University of York, UK.

Invited talks

2019. Décréolisation en créole louisianais / Decreolization in Louisiana Creole. Journée d'étude 'French and Creole in Louisiana'. Tulane University, USA.
2019. What can endangered creoles tell us about language change? Cambridge Endangered Languages and Cultures Group. University of Cambridge, UK.
2018. African American English contact features in the Louisiana Creole Verb Phrase. SyntaxLab. University of Cambridge, UK.
with Li Nguyen. 2018. Unstable bilingual communities in contrast: Vietnamese in Canberra, Creole in Louisiana. Bilingual Codeswitching Reading Group. University of Cambridge, UK.
2017. An endangered French-lexifier creole in contact with French and English: Preliminary field observations on contact-induced change. Anglia Ruskin-Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminar. Anglia Ruskin University, UK.
2017. Nokèn bèl langaj k apé gòn: Kréyòl dan Lalwizyann. NUNU Arts and Culture Collective. Arnaudville, Louisiana, USA.
2016. Theoretical and methodological issues in the study of contact and change in an endangered creole. Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies. University of Cambridge, UK.
2016. Contact and change in an endangered creole language: Towards a diachronic corpus analysis. AHRC DTP End-of-Year Cohort Event. University of Cambridge, UK.
2015. What's the difference between -면 (-myen) and -다면 (-tamyen)? On saying 'if' in Korean and what it tells us about human thought. General Korean Studies Special Lecture. Pegasus Society for Korean Studies, UK.
2014. How do you save a dying language? An introduction to language revitalization. Peterhouse Graduate Symposium. University of Cambridge, UK.


Please contact me if you wish to use these datasets. I am currently seeking grant funding to build an open access implementation of these corpora for the purposes of language revitalization, documentation and academic research.
2018. Louisiana Creole Diachronic Corpus. UTF-8 plaintext corpus spanning mid-1800s to 2017. 19th-c. texts are tagged for part-of-speech. 105,129 tokens.
2018. Louisiana Creole Virtual Classroom Corpus. UTF-8 plaintext corpus of Facebook data from language learners. 54,970 tokens.

Language revitalization materials

with N. A. Wendte, Adrien Guillory-Chatman, Herbert Wiltz. forthcoming. Ti Liv Kréyòl (Second edition). New Orleans: TSHÒK.
2018. Louisiana Creole Orthography Tool (version 0.1). Javascript web application.
with N. A. Wendte, Herbert Wiltz. 2017. Ti Liv Kréyòl: A Louisiana Creole Primer (First edition). Public domain e-book.
2016. Louisiana Creole Keyboard Layout (version 1). Microsoft Windows.
(Consultant linguist) Landry, Christophe, Cliford St. Laurent, Michael Gisclair. 2016. A Guide to Louisiana Creole Orthography. Louisiana Historical and Cultural Vistas.
(Consultant linguist) 2014. Louisiana Creole Dictionary.

Media and miscellania

2019. Interviewed with Bettina Beinhoff in 'Cambridge language conference marks Game of Thrones lingo' (BBC News). See also 'Game of Thrones: experts in Dothraki language come to Cambridge' (Cambridge Independent).
2019. Interview in Louisiana Creole in the film 'Révolution Louisianaise' (Nicholas Lanier, Télé-Louisiane).
2017. Guest on Louisiana French talk show 'Ci et Ça' (Acadiana Open Channel).
2015. Interviewed with Marta Krzemińska. 'What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 Hours' (The Guardian).

Art projects are on my personal website at 4f4d.xyz.