Sources of the Materials

This directory contains the sources and materials needed for running this course at Cambridge. You will need to create a directory, download all of the files into it, and then run one of the build scripts, or do something similar yourself.

People who are not at Cambridge or are not using Linux may be better off obtaining the material directly from the book's support site. However, you may hit the problems that needed fixing if you do that, in which case you should look at these files. All changed files have a similar file name with ‘.org’ appended, which contains the original version, so find and diff will show you the edits.

In order to install everything that you need up to chapter 11, you need to download the following files and then run the build script BUILD. It unpacks all of the material except for the graphics, and should work on almost any Unix system. You give it one argument, which must be a writable directory, and it will create subdirectories Bin, Includes, Libs and Documentation in that. You can rename or copy those appropriately after you have done that; only Bin and Libs will contain anything if you run just this script. The files are:

The local specimen answer page is here, but you should not need to download them. They are provided so that you can look at them when you get stuck.

In order to install the materials for chapters 12 to 15, you need to download the following files and then run the build script BUILD_GRAPHICS, which behaves just like BUILD but does more. Unfortunately, as with all modern graphics, it depends on a great many configuration options and may simply not work. I am afraid that you will have to solve that problem yourself, or contact whoever is your local support expert for help.

The files are:

If you are using the MCS, you need to run the build script BUILD_MCS instead of BUILD_GRAPHICS. The latter simply will not work on the MCS - nor will the former work except on the MCS.