This page highlights current Project activities.

As we are in our final year, we are focusing on dissemination of the work produced in the Project context during the last 4+ years.

Our major projects at the moment are:

(1) completion of the volume associated with the Conference on the Structure of Parametric Variation held in September 2005 (see here for details of the conference). The volume, titled The Limits of Syntactic Variation and edited by Theresa Biberauer, is to be published by John Benjamins in 2007.

(2) completion of the special edition of Studia Linguistica following on from the Workshop on Partial Null Subject Languages and being edited by Anders Holmberg.

(3) completion of a volume for CUP, provisionally titled Null Subjects: the structure of parametric variation. Anders Holmberg & Ian Roberts are the editors.