DONEGANI Marriages (1837-1900)

The names shown below have been collected from the GRO index at the Family History Centre in London. Unless stated otherwise in the remarks column they are all registered as Donegani. Check links in Ref. column for details.

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CatherineNorthampton1844 (Dec)XV 621-
AnthonyTodmorden1849(Dec)XXI 662-
MarkNewport1851(Mar)XVIII 141-
JosephBedminster1851(Jun)XI 79-
AustinOundle1851(Sep)XV 445-
Louisa TheresaBath1852(Jun)5c 1197indexed as Donegam
FrederickNorwich1861(Dec)4b 306-
WilliamOundle1861(Mar)3b 251indexed Donegain
MarionBristol1865(Mar)6a 43-
AnthonyRochdale1869(Sep)8e 113-
Joseph FrancisAxbridge1874(Mar)5c 893-
SantinoRochdale1875(Dec)8e 147-
Lewis ThomasSalford1875(Jun)8d 154-
JoshuaRochdale1876(Jun)8e 21-
DiegoRochdale1881(Dec)8e 53-
AustinWare1882(Sep)2a 451-
FredrickNorwich1885(Jun)4b 204-
WilliamSalford1886(Jun)8d 202indexed Donegan
EllenNorwich1888(Sep)4b 196indexed Dongani
Fanny MatildaNorwich1888(Sep)4b 225indexed Dongani
RosinaRochdale1890(Jun)8e 35-
JosephRochdale1890(Sep)8e 93-
MargaretRochdale1891(Jun)8e 122-
William HenryShifnal1894(Jun)6a 1159-
ErnestSalford1894(sep)8d 214-
Mary ElizabethKidderminster1895(Mar)6c 215-
MarionBakewell1897(Jun)7b 1461-
Mary JaneRochdale1897(Jun)8e 25-
Horace GeorgeBakewell1899(Sep)7b 1457-
Francis JosephBakewell1900(Jun)7b 1649-

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