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Easement, Covenants and Profits, FINAL Report, Law Com. 327, June 2011 and Summary

Easements, Covenants and Profits, Law Commission Consultation, March 2008, CP No 186

Housing: Encouraging Responsible letting, August 2008, Law Commission Report No. 312

Cohabitation: The Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown - FINAL REPORT 2007 and Executive Summary

Termination of Tenancies following Tenant Default - Full Report

October 2006. Final report, recommendations and Draft Bill -  Executive Summary and  just the Draft Bill

Consultation on Termination of Tenancies following Tenant Default Consultation Paper  No. 174

January 2004. This is the Law Commission's most recent proposals to deal with termination of tenancies and the removal of forfeiture. It applies to long residential and commercial leases.

E Conveyancing Consultation
March 2003 consultation document

Restrictions on forfeiture in long leases
Discusses the changes made by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002

Sharing Homes: Law Commission Discussion Paper
July 2002. Law Commission paper on rights of property co-habitees

Renting homes 1: Status and Security, Law Commission Consultation
Law Commission consultation document on tenancies etc. 2002

Renting homes 2: Co-occupation, Transfer and Succession, Law Commission Consultation
Continuing Law Commission consultation on tenancies, 2002

E-Conveyancing: Consultation 1
Lord Chancellor's Department Consultation Paper,  Electronic Conveyancing - A draft order under section 8 of the
Electronic Communications Act 2000

E-Conveyancing: Response to Consultation 1
Lord Chancellor's Department, December 2001

Land Registration for the 21st Century: A Conveyancing Revolution: REPORT No. 271
Law Commission Report No. 271, the reform of land registration and electronic conveyancing and Draft Bill

Law Commission: Land Registration for the 21st Century: REPORT No. 254
September 1998 - the report on which No. 271 (above) builds.

Termination of Tenancies by Physical Re-entry
Law Commission Consultative document on forfeiture of leases by physical re-entry

Limitation of Actions: 2001
Law Commission No. 270. July 2001. A number of aspects concern property law, although the Report concerns Limitation generally.

Residential Leasehold Reform in England and Wales
A gateway to numerous materials

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