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Suggitt v Suggitt  July 2012

Whittaker v Kinnear, 2011, estoppel and section 2 LPMP 1989

Joyce v Epsom and Ewell   Court of Appeal, October 2012, estoppel easement

Clarke v Meadus, estoppel and declaration of trust, 2010

Henry v Henry    Priviy Council, 2010. Estoppel and its effect on 3rd parties

Thorner v Majors, (Thorner v Curtis) House of Lords. March 2009. See especially Lord Walker, Neuberger and Scott.

McGuane v Welch, July 2008, Court of Appeal, estoppel and formalities

SMQ v RFQ   Family Division 2008. The nature of the estoppel remedy and relationship to constructive trust

Herbert v Doyle 2008, estoppel and section 2 LPA 1989, enforcing agreements

Yeoman's Row Management v Cobbe, July 2008, House of Lords. A MAJOR decision

Wormall v Wormall

Court of Appeal Nov. 2004. Satisfying the equity

Valentine v Allen

Court of Appeal, July 2003. Classic estoppel concerning rights of access to use another's land

Oxley v Hiscock

Court of Appeal, May 2004. Acquiring and quantifying the beneficial interest. Comments on Rosset and Cooke.

Kinane v Alimamy Mackie-Conteh

Estoppel and constructive trusts - Court of Appeal, January 2005

Uglow v Uglow

When is it unconscionable to withdraw a promise

Gillett v Holt

Court of Appeal, March 2000. A modern analysis of proprietary estoppel

Lloyd v Dugdale
Court of Appeal, November 2001
Proprietary estoppel as a proprietary right; actual occupation by a person other than the claimant; contractual licences and constructive trusts: for comment see 2002 [Conv.] 584 for critical comment

Jennings v Rice
Court of Appeal, February 2002
Proprietary estoppel; how to choose a remedy.

Gonthier v Orange Scaffolding

Court of Appeal, June 2003. Estoppel. "Subject to contract" claim. Application of Gillett v Holt and doubts.

Parker (9th Earl of Macclesfield) v Parker

High Court, July 2003. Estoppel. Distinction between estoppel and a licence

Ottey v Grundy

Court of Appeal, 2003. Estoppel. Issues of detriment. Similar to Gillet v Holt.

Joyce v Rigolli

Court of Appeal, February 2004. Estoppel and section 2 LPA 1989

Chun v Ho

July 2002. Estoppel and detriment.

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