Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland
Compiled by Martin H. Evans and Janet West. © 2010.

Index map of the "British Isles"

(The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, and the off-shore islands. Sometimes known as the britanno-hibernian archipelago.)

Index map of the British Isles Shetland Islands Isle of Man Isles of Scilly Channel Islands Island of Ireland North Scotland Southern Scotland and Borders Northern England Eastern England South-East England South-West England Wales and Midlands

Point and click in areas of this index map for more detailed maps, which show the locations of the maritime museums listed in the main alphabetical list. These locations are shown in the detail maps as 'blue anchor' icons with the names of the locations in a plain font. Clicking on any of these blue anchor buttons will then take you to text data for the museum. Clicking on a 'harpoon-head' arrow will take you to the adjacent detail map. Use your browser's 'back' button to return to this index map. In the detail maps, italic font shows the names of other Towns, Landmarks and COUNTIES as an aid to general orientation.

Please note that all these maps are semi-diagrammatic and should not be assumed to be very accurate. The detail maps which show museum locations are drawn at various scales, to suit the number of museums in particular areas.

The detail maps are usually about 750 x 550 pixels, chosen to display best in a maximized browser window, on an 800 x 600 colour screen. A basic 16-colour display is sufficient.

We are grateful to Mr Stephen West for scanning our drawings to create the .gif images used here.

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