There is an "essay" about bollards, especially those that appear to be old muzzle-loading cannon that have been reused. This is still being developed and comments are welcome. At:

There are some minor incidental files also held on my web-space, including some related to photography:

Comments and views about the use of flash photography in museums and art galleries at:

Some images and notes about a Lizars "Challenge" quarter-plate camera at:

Illustration of photo-stitching software to create a two-dimensional "roll-out" view of the periphery of a cylindrical object:

Notes and photographs from a holiday voyage along the Norwegian coast in 2006, aboard the MS Polarlys of the Hurtigruten ferry service, at:

Dr Martin H. Evans and his wife, Dr Janet West have maintained a list of Naval and Maritime Museums in Britain and Ireland. We have kept this list up to date, to the best of our ability, for almost twenty years. From January 2015 onwards, the list will no longer be updated. It will remain accessible at this URL for a time, but should be regarded as a check-list and not a source of accurate information about opening times, exhibits and accessibility. For up to date information, check a museum's own web-site or use a search facility to locate the latest details.

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Updated 4th January 2015.

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