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Sutton Trust Economics Summer School 2012

European Monetary Integration - and Disintegration?

(Provisional version, last updated on 23rd July 2012)

The two sessions in this module focussed on three key areas:

Here, I am making available to you (and to any other visitors to my web pages who may be interested in the same subject) a presentation, based on the class discussion, and some short additional readings and podcasts, which will give you a flavour of the current debate on the future of the Euro: do feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions related to our meetings (e.g. because your notes are not clear on a particular point, or because you had a question you would have liked to ask in class but were unable to).  I shall use your questions to expand the presentation, and to add further readings, over the next few days: while I keep working on it, the page is labelled as "provisional version last updated on..." - so you know it may be worth checking it again later.