Science Education for Gifted Learners

A book deriving largely from the Seminar Series 'Meeting the Needs of the Most Able in Science' is due to be published by Routledge:

Science Education for Gifted Learners
Keith S. Taber (Editor)


1 Science education for gifted learners?  (KEITH S. TABER)

2 The characteristics of the gifted and exceptionally able in science (JOHN K. GILBERT AND MATTHEW NEWBERRY)

3 Gifted science learners with special educational needs (CARRIE WINSTANLEY)

4 The emotional lives of fledgling geniuses (STEVE ALSOP)

5 Opportunities for gifted science provision in the context of a learner-centred national curriculum (RICHARD K. COLL)

6 Developing the thinking of gifted students through science (KEITH S. TABER AND VIVIEN CORRIE)

7 Challenging able science learners through models and modelling (ANDREW GREVATT, JOHN K. GILBERT AND MATTHEW NEWBERRY)

8 Challenging gifted learners through classroom dialogue (PHIL SCOTT)

9 Asking questions in classroom science (MIKE WATTS AND HELENA PEDROSA DE JESUS)

10 Teaching controversial socio-scientific issues to gifted and talented students (RALPH LEVINSON)

11 Context-based science: a ‘gift horse’ for the talented? (VANESSA KIND)

12 Choice for the gifted: lessons from teaching about scientific explanations (KEITH S. TABER)

13 Practical work for the gifted in science (ALAN WEST)

14 Working together to provide enrichment for able science learners (KEITH S. TABER AND FRAN RIGA)

15 Bringing learners and scientific expertise together (MATTHEW NEWBERRY AND JOHN K. GILBERT)

16 An agenda for science education for gifted learners (KEITH S. TABER

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