Educational Research Methods


This is a personal site of Dr Keith Taber that is intended to support teaching of educational research methods. 

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A site to support teaching and learning...

Dr Keith Taber is Professor of Science Education, and chair of the Faculty of Education’s Science, Technology and Mathematics Education academic group.


Research Methodology is a complex area so each scholar will develop their own personal understanding of the field of educational research, informed in part by their own disciplinary, professional background and their own experiences and preferences as a researcher. I am a former school and college science teacher, who has mainly worked with qualitative data.

From my own research, and about a decade of teaching research methods, I have formed my own take on how best to make sense of, and teach, research methods. Other scholars will have different emphasises and views on some maters. Students are expected to consider the arguments made by different scholars and - where there are areas of disagreement - form their own views. 


My Introduction to Educational Research.pdf(published by Sage) is available from the Library as an on-line resource.

Occasionally I blog about research issues.