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This is Jon Warbrick's work home page. I'm currently working for the University's Adaptive Cities Project. Previously I was the Information Systems Manager in the Online Systems Division of University of Cambridge Information Services.

I have a PGP key (ID rsa4096/0xC38C877BEED6573B, fingerprint 8E9D 3713 58C3 7E8F 7964 9D21 C38C 877B EED6 573B, also available as text). Note that this is a new key as of June 2017 - please ignore any older keys found on keyservers.

I can be contacted by mail as . I sometimes appear as @jw35 on Twitter and occasionally post to the "Indistinguishable from Magic" blog. Slides from talks that I've given can be found on slideshare, Prezi, and elsewhere on this site. I maintain a collection of more or less interesting bookmarks available as RSS from Pocket.

My Free/busy Information is generally available.

Within the University of Cambridge, you can find out more about me from my lookup entry.

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Other Stuff

This site provides a home for various courses that I've written and/or presented at various times. It also contains an almost-complete archive of slides and other material from various talks that I've given. The results of some of my Adaptive Cities work is also availabble here. Beyond this there's a largely uncatalogued collection of other 'stuff':

I run a development web server on my desktop workstation at which includes some information for CS Staff.

They were not bad men. They had worked hard on behalf of [...] for hundreds of years. But it is possible, after a while, to develop certain dangerous thoughts. One is that, while all important enterprises need careful organization, it is the organization that needs organizing, rather then the enterprise.

Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time (other quotes)