Dr Janet West

Maritime and scientific publications.

Maritime publications:

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Part II. Representational models. Antique Collecting, 19, No. 5, 14-19.
Part III. Scale models. Antique Collecting, 19, No. 6, 17-22.

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Archived for the Internet by Dr Glen Segell, Department of War Studies, Kings College, London.

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London: Chatham.

Note: This guide is now accessible on the Internet at: http://www.cus.cam.ac.uk/~mhe1000/marmus.htm and is revised regularly.

Janet West (1998). Review of Dorothy Jean Ray (1996). A Legacy of Arctic art. Seattle & London: University of Washington.
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Scientific publications:

Janet West & Robert Hill (1967). Carbon dioxide and the reduction of indophenol and ferricyanide by chloroplasts.
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