Dr Janet West

Dr J West photo, 8965 bytes Janet West, M.A., Ph.D. (Cantab)

Senior Associate,
Scott Polar Research Institute,
University of Cambridge,
Lensfield Road,
Cambridge CB2 1ER, England

Emeritus Fellow,
Wolfson College,
Cambridge CB3 9BB, England

My primary research interest since the 1970s has been the decorative arts of seafarers, important but neglected components of maritime art. These include scrimshaw, decorative work which developed with the whaling industry. I also work on the history of whaling in the days of sail, and maritime art in general. The links below will take you to pages at the Scott Polar Research Institute that describe my work and the scrimshaw collection at SPRI.

Due to chronic pain I now do a lot of my writing at home. I will try to help with sensible queries about scrimshaw, etc. I prefer to receive correspondence by conventional post, sent to the Scott Polar Research Institute. I may be slow to deal with messages sent by e-mail; e-mail attachments (whether images or formatted text documents) are unwelcome and I may not be able to handle them.

Dr. Janet West. 12 March 2005.
e-mail:  jw129@ cam.ac.uk

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