Personal page of Jing Hua Zhao

I am a scientist at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, following positions at University College London (2002-5), King's College London (1996-2002), Harvard University (1994-6) and Ministry of Health, China (1988-94). I have a PhD in Genetics (2004, King's College London), master's (1988, Fudan University) and bachelor's (1985, Shandong University) degrees in Medicine. I am Fushan No 1 Middle School and Dong Huang Shan Primary School alumni.

My field is statistics, epidemiology and public heatlth with recent work on design and analysis for Whitehall II, ELSA, EPIC-Norfolk, Fenland, InterAct, NSHD and Framingham. The EPIC-Norfolk genomewide association study contributed to GIANT CHARGE and many other consortia. I am a member of the Royal Statistical Society and here are my biosketch ResearchGate profile, as with entry (list) at Thomson Reuters.

I promoted reproducible research through software development and presentations at useR!2007  useR!2008, useR!2009, useR!2010useR!2011, Henry-Stewart and local talks as with earlier collections. I created MRC, UCL and  KCL bookmarks with comments and a diagram. My editorial work involves The Scientific World Journal (till June 4, 2017) and Frontiers in Genetics (blog network and profile). I also refereed journal papers and applications for fellowship to the Wellcome (The Wellcome Trust) and program grants to the MRC (Medical Research Council), the NSF (National Science Foundation) and the ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).

I have moved most of my software here to GitHub along with CRAN. Your comments or information on citations is welcome.

Contact Details

Jing Hua Zhao,  MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Box 285 Institute of Metabolic Science, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge CB2 0QQ, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0)1223 769165, Fax: +44 (0)1223 330316, email:

Colleagues and Mentors

Beijing University: Yude Chen (School of Public Health)
Fudan University:  Pihuan Jin, Fumin Shen, Zhang Zhaohuan (Wiki Entry)
Havard School of Public Health:
David Christiani, William Hsiao (Wiki Entry), Nan Laird (Wiki Entry), Yuanli Liu
Kings College London: David Collier, Tao Li, Peter McGuffin (Wiki Entry), Robin Murrary (Wiki Entry)
Max Planck-CAS Paul Gerson Unna Research Group on Dermatogenomics: Sijia Wang
National Institute of Health: Abbas Parsian
Odense University: Qihua Tan
University College London: Steve Humphries,
Michael Marmot (Wiki Entry), Andres Ruiz-Linares, Arron Hingorani
University of Hong Kong: Pak Sham
University of Illinois at Chicago: Xiping Xu

Date last changed 31/5/2017