Billy Chiu

Ph.D student (Year 1) in Computational Linguistics

Address: Department of Theoretical and Applied Lingusitics (DTAL)
Faculty of English Building,
9 West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DB,
United Kingdom 




I am a PhD student of the computational linguistic's group in DTAL (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics), supervised by Dr Anna Korhonen. My PhD topic is Literature-Based Discovery, which related to finding relationships between literatures and generating new knowledge from them.

Previously, I worked on projects in business and education aspects, including a study of behaviors of crowd-sourcing individuals and the development of CHAT (a Chinese handwriting recognition system) and Speech (a Cantonese speech recognition system).

During vacations, I have a variety of pastime. Apart from board games, travelling and scuba diving, I also start rock climbing.







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