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My research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of prey defences and predator sensory behaviour.

Antipredator defences and predator perception

antipredator defences
aposematism, mimicry, masquerade, eyespots with Dr John Skelhorn, and camouflage

birds' taste perception
Can birds taste? Can they taste the difference between insects with different levels of chemical defences? Why do some birds react strongly to chemical defences while others seem impervious to the spicier morsels?

Other interesting things I study

dietary conservatism
Why do some birds refuse to eat novel food even when it's palatable? What is the mechanism underlying this behaviour, and what is its adapative significance?

I am collaboating with Dr Jake Dunn who is interested in pigmentation variation in primates. I also collaborate with Dr Ilik Saccheri to study the colouration of caterpillars. We are using my calibrated digital camera to measure colour as it is perceived by conspecifics and predators

facial attractiveness
Dr Rob Burriss and I collaborate on research into facial attractivess and female behaviour

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Hannah Rowland

Department of Zoology
Downing Street
University of Cambridge

hr325 [at] cam.ac.uk

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