Edoardo Maria Ponti

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. My supervisors are Dr. Anna Korhonen and Dr. Thierry Poibeau. I am a member of the Language Technology Lab (LTL), working in team on the LEXICAL project. My academic interests include but are not limited to: deep learning for multi-lingual and cross-lingual applications, network analysis, history and typology of (especially Indo-European and Uralic) languages. I am a member of St John's College and an alumnus of Collegio Ghislieri. Here is my cv.


Mail: ep490 [at] cam.ac.uk


To be or to have? Meaning as a function of valency in Finnish
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Divergence from Syntax to Linear Order in Ancient Greek Lexical Networks
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Diversity Makes Composition. A Slower-paced and Reliable Parser for Latin.
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Event-Related Features in Feedforward Neural Networks Contribute to Identifying Implicit Causal Relations in Discourse
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3-7 April 2017, Valencia (Spain).


Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, Language Technology Lab (LTL), University of Cambridge (2016-present)
M.A. in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Pavia (2014-2016)
Diploma in Human Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia [IUSS] (2011-2014)
B.A. in Modern Literature, University of Pavia (2011-2014)


Erasmus at the University of Cambridge (2016)
Internship at the Computational Lexicology and Terminology Lab, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2016)
Internship at the Human Language Technology centre, Bruno Kessler Foundation [FBK], Trento (2015)
Internship at CIRCSE, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milano (2015)
Erasmus at the University of Helsinki (2013)