Dr Daniel Jonah Wolpert

BA(Hons.) MA MPhil PhD (Cantab)

Trinity Hall,
Cambridge CB2 1TJ

My research focused on German film made between 1945 and 1949, an era commonly regarded by film historians and critics as characteristic of so-called Trümmerfilme or 'Rubble Films'.

These films uniquely represent a period when radical re-evaluations of the past were most pressing and imminent. As products of a culture that had as an imperative, the rejection of the recent past these films represent a re-imagining of a national narrative such that an future story could be told. Taking the literary construct of a Stunde Null or 'Zero hour' as a point of collective disavowal I intend to examine the crisis of the national and the self the Nazi past represented for German cinematic culture of the time.

I have also recently worked on Modern German film, espcially the works of Alexander Kluge and Rainer Maria Fassbender as well as contemporary film makers such as Fatih Akin and Christian Petzold. My interest lies in applying critical theory to the particular temporal and spatial crises to be found in the engagement of Cinema with History.