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D. H. Mellor

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy in the
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Cambridge

25 Orchard Street, Cambridge, CB1 1JS, UK
Routes to 25 Orchard Street (PDF)
Phone: +44(0)7815-687505
Email: dhm11 at cam.ac.uk

Photograph taken 21 September 2015
Stellenbosch, South Africa
(c) Anton Jordaan 2015
Email: pacj at sun.ac.za

Philosophical interests

Metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind: probability, time, causation, laws of nature, properties, decision theory


NEW: 'Role-playing on Stage' (PDF)

Mind, Meaning, and Reality
Probability: A Philosophical Introduction
Real Time II
All authored books
Edited books
Online publications

Talks & Interviews

2014 Philosophy Bites Probability (podcast)
2011 Philosophy Bites Frank Ramsey on Truth (podcast)
2008 Philosophy Bites Time and Tense (podcast)
2001 Theoria interview
1993 Cogito interview
1978 Words Text and recording of six five-minute broadcasts on BBC Radio 3:
'"It all depends what you mean"'; '"Define your terms"'; 'Fictional documentaries'; 'What's wrong with jargon'; 'On being illogical'; 'The Liar paradox'

Lectures & Symposia

2002 'The Possibility of Life after Death' British Humanist Association Symposium with Richard Swinburne
1999 'The Time of Our Lives' Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture
1988 'The Warrant of Induction' Inaugural Lecture text and recording

David Lewis

1981, 1988 What Experience Teaches Recording and published paper

Frank Ramsey

1990 Philosophical Papers
1978 Radio Portrait Text and recording
Original manuscripts:
Universals of Law and of Fact
General Propositions and Causality
Causal Qualities
Probability and Partial Belief

Philosophical and other jests

Causes of death of philosophers
David Lewis on Ern Malley
Philosophical Lexicon
Uxbridge Dictionary of Philosophy
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Miles Kington's Latin Tourist Phrase Book


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