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Classical Departments: a Selection

From 1996, this site has given listings of Classical Departments in Britain and worldwide.
However, Classical Studies are increasingly multi-disciplinary, and are also organised in different ways in different universities:
sometimes under Archaeology, History, Literature, Philology, Philosophy or Theology.

A world listing of departments is still provided by KIRKE, the collection of links edited by Ulrich Schmitzer at Humboldt University, Berlin.
Yet, even that resource is not comprehensive or frequently updated, and so, if you are looking for a specific department,
it may be simplest to google the name.

Other classical resources, including online archives, may be found on other pages of this site, dedicated to:

The Departments given on this page are listed geographically, in five sections:

Classics Departments in Britain and Ireland

As the multi-disciplinary nature of classical studies is reflected in departmental titles,
the advertised subject areas (other than the default 'classics') are given with this listing.
The most common are history and archaeology, with a few other specialisations.
  • Departmental Rankings (The Guardian)
  • British Classical Associations and Historical Societies
  • Higher Education News, Applications, Funding

    Classics Departments in the Americas


    United States

    Asia and Australasia



    New Zealand
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