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Digital Humanities, Classics, History

This page originally listed resources on Classical Studies, until it became evident that the subjects within that field needed their own dedicated pages.
The page now concentrates on digital research in Classics and History, and research in Digital Humanities more generally.
This is a fast-moving field, and this collection of links is intended serve merely as a starting-point for investigation.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities: Research Centres

(Some of the digital projects being undertaken by these centres are listed on the appropriate subject pages
of this site, as listed below. For the full range of projects, it's worth checking each centre's project pages here.

Digital Humanities Projects

Digital Humanities Journals

Digital Classics

Greek Theatre

Ancient Writing

(Manuscripts, Papyri, Inscriptions)

History Resources

  • Popular News: Live Science

    Ancient & Mediaeval History

    British History

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