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1: Navigating the Site

Pages: The links homepage leads to 17 primary subject pages, which contain the links to external resources. Of course, it is not always possible to make distinct divisions between subjects, and so it is not always obvious where a particular resource may be found: for example, Astronomy and Physics links are on different pages, and so are Visual Arts, Museums, and Architecture, and the Literary page also contains general resources to Higher Education, which may also be of relevance to scientists. To summarise, it is usually clear where to find the most specific information, but perhaps less obvious where to find the more general resources.

Formatting: Resources with exceptional site-depth or information-content are formatted in bold. Blogs are given a blue background. New resources, or those of exceptional quality and interest, may be given a yellow background.
Sometimes, groups of links are highlighted by being placed within a
blue box

2: Background: History and Purpose

Arch of Titus Cambridge Academic Links have been online since 1996, when they comprised the Faculty of Classics External Gateway to Humanities Resources.

From 1996 to 2000, the Gateway was one of the ten associate sites of the ARGOS search engine, a searchable collection of metalinks to classical and mediaeval resources.

In 2000, the pages were renamed and moved to be included with the author's personal pages at Cambridge University. They migrated to the current server in 2007.

This is now a personal selection of links: a major reason for maintaining these pages is to bookmark resources which I consult, and I hope the result may be of use to others with similar interests.

Their contents are the responsibility of the author, to whom any enquiries should be addressed, and they are not in any way endorsed by the University of Cambridge. Thanks.

3: Suggestions for New Links

I'm happy to hear suggestions for further useful online resources, especially beyond the Anglo-American orbit.
But please forgive me if I don't respond to every suggestion. These criteria determine my choice of links:

4: Technical and Stats

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