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 New paper about insulin-like growth factor-1 and life history variation in mammals just accepted for publication at Proceedings of the Royal Society B!

 Our new paper highlighting research about stress physiology in mammals in the Yukon is out in Arctic. This is a tribute to the Kluane Lake Research Station 

 I finally gave can now follow me on Twitter @ben_dantzer
 I enjoyed attending and presenting at the International Mammal Conference in Belfast and INTECOL 2013 in London! Now back to work.

 Our paper about density, hormones, and offspring growth in red squirrels is now available at Science. See our official press release here as well as great blog coverage by Ed Yong and at, highlighted in Nature, CBC coverage, Quirks and Quarks Radio interview, and newspaper coverage! 

 I am now a Bye-Fellow at Christ’s College in Cambridge, which is quite exciting for an evolutionary biologist given that Charles Darwin studied at this College!

 I started a research blog that is nothing about my own research. The point of this blog is to translate important medical findings terms into language and terms that are easily understandable. This blog is a modest aims to improve the transmission of information about new medical research to patients.

 I was just appointed as a Teaching By-Fellow at Churchill College in Cambridge! (This required me to post the only known picture of me in a suit on their website...)

 Our paper about how the social environment influences the vertebrate stress response is now available at Functional Ecology

 As of July 2012, I am now a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Cambridge working with Dr. Tim Clutton-Brock and am in the process of updating this webpage to reflect my current research on meerkats

 I was highlighted in the Spring 2012 Newsletter of the Division of Animal Behavior of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

 We just had a paper accepted at Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology about how population density induces changes in red squirrel behavior!

 I successfully defended my dissertation on March 13 2012!

 We just had a paper accepted at the Journal of Evolutionary Biology about the quantitative genetics of red squirrel personality. Congrats to Ryan Taylor for ANOTHER great cover photo!

 I was just awarded “best oral presentation” in the Division of Animal Behavior for my presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology;281/1782/20132458's_College_student_bills.html

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