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Environmental Science and Policy


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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

University of Oxford, UK.



Research projects

» The International Regime of Biodiversity

» Environment and Poverty in South Africa

» Sustainable Transport to Industrial Estates


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From Macro to Micro: Environmental Policy and ‘the Poorest of the Poor’ in Seekoeivlei, South Africa

The Working for Wetlands programme is an environmental conservation and poverty alleviation project managed by different national departments in public-private partnership. In order to assess how the material effects of this policy are, I use a Sustainable Livelihoods approach around a Ramsar wetland called Seekoeivlei.

At the macro level, I analyze the policy formulation and implementation processes at a national scale. At the micro level, I investigate changes and trends in the livelihood of workers and in their perception on environment and on development.

The results reveal that particular features of the institutional context and of the processes of policy formulation and implementation are remarkably reflected on the ground. WfWet has made significant achievements at the micro level. However, critical issues originated at the policy formulation and implementation processes may hinder its effects from being sustained in the long term. (MSc. dissertation, 2007)

list of documents:

  • Dissertation + Annexes [en]
  • Working for Wetlands in Seekoeivlei: Summary of the results at the Micro level [es]
  • Fieldwork Progress Report [en]


These documents are the result of the research project for the MSc. dissertation on Nature, Society and Environmental Policy. I carried out the fieldwork during July 2007.



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