Hungarian-English scientific dictionary

Over the last years, a popular demand has arisen from Hungarian secondary schools and, in particular, from students wishing to continue their studies in the English-speaking world, for a listing of scientific vocabulary related to their studies. This work is an attempt for this, collecting words of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology that might be known by a secondary school student, occasionally going further to more technical or university-level terms.


The Maths and Physics sections were written by Attila Szabó and Péter Juhász: this was the core of the work.
Chemistry was added by Ferenc Forman.
The Biology section is the work of Norbert Fehér and Barnabás Hegedűs.
The editor of the dictionary is Attila Szabó.


The whole dictionary
Mathematics and Physics
Chemistry and Biology

The dictionary was written in LaTeX, using the cloud editor ShareLaTeX. The newest source version of the dictionary (not necessarily correct or identical to this) is available here (not editable).

Get involved

If you think that an important word is missing, or some translation is incorrect, please tell at or

You may compile a vocabulary list for any subject missing from this dictionary. Please contact me on the above addresses about the details. Your work is very highly appreciated.

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