DS-Web: Desktop Services web publishing facility

This is the default MCS personal web page for a user and its appearance indicates that this user has not yet set up a personalised page.

If this is the index page for your account, this file is "public_html/index.html" in your filespace. The documentation for this service is available on the UCS website at Publishing Web Pages on DS-Web.

You may edit this content in a number of ways (the editors available will change from time to time):

If you are new to creating web pages, Dreamweaver (available on the MCS application menu) is an excellent tool for giving you a what-you-see-is-what-you-get view of the page you are editing, without requiring you to learn the 'HTML' syntax used within the page.

HTMLdog has some excellent online tutorials for creating web pages in HTML.

There are also many useful courses available from the University Computing Service. In particular you may be interested in the Introduction to HTML course.

If you get stuck when trying to deal with your DS-Web web pages, feel free to contact the UCS Service Desk.