Outreach Activities

This page contains details of various public lectures I have given and other outreach activities that I have taken part in.

Public Lectures

This is a list of public lectures that I have given, in reverse chronological order. Videos of some of these talks may be found in the talks section of this webpage.

Other Activities

This is a list of other outreach activities that I have taken part in, in reverse chronological order.

ASMI Student Project Coordinator, July 2012 - August 2012
I coordinated student projects for the Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute programme. This involved providing support to a group of nine high school students whilst they worked on a range of challenging mathematics research projects.
United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Mentor, October 2009 - June 2011
I volunteered as a senior mentor for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. As such, I remotely mentored two A-level students as they attempted a series of mathematical problems designed to stretch their abilities and inspire them to study higher mathematics.

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