Alicia Hinarejos

University of Cambridge ~ Faculty of Law


Alicia Hinarejos is a University Senior Lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. She is also a Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Downing College, Cambridge.

Before moving to Cambridge, she was an Assistant Professor at McGill University (2009-11). She had previously been a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (Faculty of Law, University of Oxford) and a William Golding Junior Research Fellow (Brasenose College and Institute of European and Comparative Law, Oxford). During 2008-09, she was also a Max Weber Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute.

Alicia's main areas of research are EU law and comparative public law, but she also has a keen interest in other areas of law and socio-legal studies. To date, her work has appeared in journals such as Common Market Law Review, European Law Review, European Law Journal, or the Yearbook of European Law. Her first monograph, entitled Judicial Control in the EU - Reforming Jurisdiction in the Intergovernmental Pillars, appeared with OUP in December 2009.

Alicia’s current research project focuses on the euro area crisis and its consequences for the EU’s constitutional order. Her second monograph, The Euro Area Crisis in Constitutional Perspective, appeared with OUP in May 2015.

Alicia is a recognised expert in her field. She is regularly invited to speak and lecture at national and international institutions and conferences; she has also provided oral evidence to the UK Parliament (House of Lords) and has advised UK government officials in her areas of expertise. Her research has been cited by the Court of Justice of the EU (AG Opinions) and the German Federal Constitutional Court, among others. She is the reviews editor for the European Law Review and one of the editors of the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies.

Alicia holds a DPhil from Oxford, where she also received an MPhil and an MJur in European and Comparative Law, both with distinction. She is a member of the Spanish Bar.

For more details on Alicia's current research please visit the research section.

Recent News

  • Just been awarded a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant to fund research on the future of EU social policy (April 2016)
  • I have won a British Academy Rising Star Award for the project 'New Challenges to European Solidarity' (March 2016)
  • My monograph 'The Euro Area Crisis in Constitutional Perspective' appeared today with OUP (18 May 2015)
  • In Claremont, giving the keynote address at the European Union Center of California's Annual Conference (9 April 2015)
  • I will be a Visiting Professor at Pomona College and the EU Center of California in April 2015
  • Proofs finished, all set- my book 'The Euro Area Crisis in Constitutional Perspective' will appear on the 7th of May 2015
  • See my short blog post on the AG's Opinion in the OMT Case here (17 Jan 2015)
  • Travelling to Lund University today to speak on the impact of the eurocrisis on social rights (5 December 2014)
  • On Monday I will give a paper at 'Ruling the EMU', University of Turku, Finland (15 September 2014)
  • Speaking today at Workshop 'Governance and Globalisation: International and European Answers' Faculty of law, Cambridge (5 July 2014)
  • I will be taking over from Jukka Snell as reviews editor for the European Law Review (July 2014)
  • Talking about ‘The role of courts after the euro crisis’ at the Hertie School of Government, Berlin, on 26 May 2014.
  • I will be speaking at Oxford Law Faculty on ‘Models of Economic and Fiscal Integration and Subsidiarity in the EU’, part of the ‘speakers in constitutional theory’ series, 5 May 2014.
  • Very happy to speak today at the Common Market Law Review 50th Jubilee Conference on ‘Fiscal Federalism in the EU: Towards a New Multilevel System of Fiscal Governance?’, April 2013.
  • ‘European Union Law’ (edited by Steve Peers and Catherine Barnard, OUP 2014) has just appeared, containing my chapter on ‘Economic and Monetary Union’.
  • I will be a Visiting Professor at Keio University, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, during March 2014.
  • I will be a Visiting Professor at McGill University during Fall Term (Michaelmas) 2013.
  • I have been awarded a CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Cambridge) Research Fellowship 2013-14.
  • I will be providing oral evidence to the House of Lords’ Select Committee tomorrow (16 January 2013) on the UK’s Protocol 36 Opt-Out.
  • Advised Home Office and Ministry of Justice officials on the exercise of the Protocol 36 UK Opt-Out (2013).
  • My paper ‘Fiscal Federalism in the EU: Evolution and Future Choices’ has just appeared in the latest issue of the Common Market Law Review.
  • Our report on the UK Opt-Out (by John Spencer, Steve Peers and myself) has just appeared: "Opting out of EU Criminal law: What is actually involved?" CELS Working Paper, New Series, No. 1. Download it here.
  • My short comment on Dereci has just appeared on the Cambridge Law Journal: ‘Citizenship of the EU: Clarifying “Genuine Enjoyment of the Substance” of Citizenship Rights’ (2012) 71 Cambridge Law Journal 179-182.
  • This year’s issue of the Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies is out, with two papers of mine on the role of the Advocate General and on constitutional limits to fiscal integration.
  • My paper ‘Free Movement, Federalism, and Institutional Choice: A Canada-EU Comparison’ has appeared in the Cambridge Law Journal.
  • My short comment on Pringle has appeared on the Cambridge Law Journal: ‘The Court of Justice of the EU and the Legality of the ESM Treaty’ (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 237-240.